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Lori: Molly's La Casita holds a special place in our hearts. My husband and I started frequenting the restaurant, and the margaritas, back when we were dating. It's become a mainstay for us as we've moved through the years - getting married, having a daughter, etc. The food is always delicious, the staff always very friendly and the margaritas are ALWAYS the best in town.

Rachel: I went into Molly's for lunch one day on the weekend and had a very nice experience. The staff and our waiter were all very friendly. When we ordered an entree with the mole sauce, our waiter actually told us it was a love/hate relationship with that sauce and we should taste it first. He then brought out a little sample of the sauce so we could decide. I thought that was great! Thanks!

Grant: I've been going to Molly's since I can remember. I've grown up on their chips and salsa. The faded pink walls and red tile floors are my second home. A place where I am always greeted and served with care and a sweet spirit. And seriously, the frozen margarita is perfection in a glass! Thanks to all of you guys who make Molly's my favorite retraunt in town. And I'm sure I will see you soon!

Clark McGee: This is more a question than a comment. My parents and their friends love this place. They always have the most wondeful time when they go eat dinner. After each and every experience, they come home extremely happy. My father's celebrating his 60th birthday on Sept. 3, just a little over a month and a half away. I was wondering there was any way to either reserve a section of the restraurant, or if need be, rent a section of the restaurant out for no more than 20 people. Please contact me whenever you're able to at Thank you so much!

Curt Huffstatler: Love Molly's! Everytime I'm on leave from the Army and I land in Memphis, it seems like a definite "must" to stop at Molly's for the grilled chicken fajitas and the bacon wrapped shrimp. The food is amazing and the management is great. Best in town!

Barbara: Jamie just introduced me to the wonderful story of this restaurant and all of the great folks who have made it what it is. I cannot wait to return to Memphis and experience an evening at Molly's

Stella Rut: My family loves Molly's. Their margaritas are the BEST . The salsa is to kill for. Do you sell it in jARS at the restaurant? If not, could you give me your salsa recipe? I crave it! Thanks and Feliz Navidad!

Robert Evans: When you say Mexcian food, there should only be one place on your mind, "MOLLY'S" I started my great experience with this restaurant in 1988. I went to the one on Park Ave. almost every Friday night till it burned down. I had 2 of those wonderful tamales with extra chili gravy, and 2 enchiladas with beans and rice. Damn, I hate I ever moved away. I stop every time I am even close to Memphis. Its the great service with a smile, the pleasant surroundings, and even management coming around to make sure all of your needs were meet. There will never be another one of these again. Let's all keep supporting and hope for their continued growth and memories of the great food and times we spent their with family an friends.

vicky demao: We had the best time Kellie thanks for hooking up with Rochael who hooked us up with music . We loved your place and your people. Thanks. The birthday girls Vicky and Rebecca

Jennifer: My husband and I have gone to Molly's for 20 years. It's "our place." Though we've moved out of town, whenever we get the chance, we drive up and have some frozen margaritas and excellent food. The beans are often imitated but NEVER duplicated. They are AWESOME. The staff has personality and are attentive. I remember one evening Kelly was at the bar and gave us all sorts of sample drinks of things we hadn't tried...Good Times. Thanks guys for being there, don't change a thing!!!

Evelyn: I have fond memories of when I worked on Madison and my co workers and I loved to walk to Molly's. The food is off the chain! I especially loved the Nacho taco salad. I don't work in Midtown any longer and I miss going to Molly's. I think I will make a special trip this weekend!

Dianne Winbanks - AUSTRALIA CALLS!: Hi and greetings from Australia My name is Dianne and I am emailing you because for the past 12 months we have had a young woman working for us who is from Memphis. Her name is Melanie Carter and tomorrow Melanie flies home to Memphis after a year with us. All year Melanie has spoken about how much she misses going to Molly's! In fact, the family are dining at your restaurant within two hours of her landing back home! All of us who worked with Melanie were wondering if you could help us surprise Melanie when she dines with you on Thursday? Apparently they have a that right? If so, if we were to send you a welcome home note or something of that you think you could surprise her on the night???? She has been such a wonderful team member and we already miss her terribly so this would be something to make sure she does not forget her Australian mates. Hope you can help Dianne Winbanks

Ayahna Griggs: Molly's has the best margaritas and the wings are to die for. I think I am going to make another trip there!

Pamela Feathers: The Margaritas, the food are most excellent! But then Kelly , James, Christine & the rest of the staff make the dining experience so pleasurable. Thank to the staff at Molly's !

Mike M.: I came in Monday night and had the Texas chicken sandwich. Those people in Texas must grow some mighty fine birds, because that was good. I asked for a slice of cheese on the sandwich just because I think everything is better with cheese. Great sandwich!

Mike M.: I came in with a group of friends last week to celebrate two birthdays - and we had a great time. What a perfect place to celebrate. Our service was great (Rochelle), our food was great, and we just had the best time! Thanks to Molly's for a happy birthday!

Krista: I have been in love with Molly's since my in-laws first took me over 15 years ago. The minute I took a taste of her refried beans, I was a goner, and ruined for any other restaurant's pallid, tasteless excuse for refried beans. I've been coming back ever since and if I'm away to long, I start craving them. Between her margaritas, queso dip, and those magical refried beans...I am hooked for as long as 'Molly' is willing to keep cooking!

Thomas meader: The best refried beans on the planet. My mouth is watering as I write this. I live in Michigan and I totally miss the food dearly, no 1 can match the taste. Hope to get down there soon.

Wesley Ashworth: I first ate at Molly's in 1974 when my brother David took me. Molly was cooking on her little two burner stove and Mr. B (?) was serving. Back then her red dip was deadly. I've never eaten anything so spicy before or since. But the food was simply incredible. I've since moved to Baton Rouge, but I eat at Molly's whenever I can. Molly's is by far my favorite Mexican restaurant, anywhere! Please, write a cookbook!

Sunny: Molly's was the first Mexican restaurant my parents took me to when I was eight years old, and it has been a favorite ever since. I rave about this place to friends, especially those from out of town. Molly's is a true stable in midtown Memphis. Thanks for all the great food and memories!

Mike Kincaid: Molly's is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! I love this place. I have been a Molly's fan since the early 90's, and eat there often. Best food in town.

Merrell : Molly's is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love every one there! they are AWESOME!

Cheryl: The atmosphere is unbelieveable, the service is awesome annnnnnd the food/drinks is to write home about. WE LOVE MOLLY'S CREW !

dana sampietro: BIG Thanks to Kelly who picked up the tab for my son in honor of him graduating from US Army Airborne ...Kelly you are the best. You and the staff were so sweet and made our eve ing very special..HOOAH

Robyn: Thinking servers might be 'stressed', you put 'patience' in your pocket b/4 hitting a Mexican restaurant for a double celebration: a gynormous 60th b'day party AND Cinqo de Mayo. NOT NEEDED: the service 05/04/12 was Over The Top Stellar!!! MmmmmWAH's to the collective efforts of several who made this a fabulous night!!!

Gayden Drew: I loved this place!

Shawn Taylor: Food is delicious, Margaritas are the best in town and the staff is super friendly what more do you want??? This is by far my family's favorite restaurant.

Mike: Kelly, Once again, 3 of us got together to celebrate our birthdays and dragged about 15 of our friends to Molly's with us. We've had this tradition for close to a decade now, and Molly's always comes through for us. A great night of great food and service. Thanks - you and the wait staff - you know you're the reason we come back, right? The food is always great, but it's knowing you treat us right that brings us back!

Ursula : We are having lunch at Molly's today and I am so excited because I have only heard good things about this establishment.

diane goree': lots of memories. jamie and robert celebrating their marriage with a reception at mollies, kelly the wonderful manager, the atmosphere, and the painting of a cat holding, what else? a marguerita !

Tim: My wife and I and our two sons enjoyed an excellent dinner. The margaritas were great. We live in Texas and found the food comparable to Tex-Mex restaurants in Houston.

bud scott: Jamie - read the great story in ca today. I am proud of you. Hope you are doing well. Kiss that grandbaby for me. Bud

Marcie: I was in town visiting a friend who had mentioned he wanted us to come to Molly's so I could try the bacon wrapped shrimp.... I was fabulous. The margaritas were wonderful as well. When I'm back in town I will be back for both items mentioned above.

Tammi J: I LOVE Molly's the bacon wrapped shrimp is the best and the margaritas are totally awsome. The people that work there are really friendly.

Patricia Grier (Pat): Molly's is another Cheers! Not only is the food awesome, the services is tight (great)! Molly's & I have had this love affair for years--i wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you Christine & her Mom, Kelly & the rest of the crew--especially the guys in the kitchen for making my days/nights soooooo enjoyable!!!!

anne : Molly's has the best margaritas in the United States. Their half and half (half frozen/half regular) were made in heaven. Kelly, the manager, is one of a kind. Great place to hang out after work.

Memphis Madge: I dream of Molly's beans - they are the best beans ever, anywhere, anyhow!!

Faye: I loved the old building and the decor. The cheese dip,salsa and my meal were awesome. Couldn't have been a better experience!

T Coop: I love Molly's......The Bacon Wrapped Shrimp are the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love'm

Jeep: Was there many years ago on a tip from a friend.....I wasn't disappointed, great food and atmosphere!

Jennifer Sager: Had our Work Christmas Party here Saturday evening. Never been here before and was very pleased with the service and the food. It was delicious and my boyfriend and I will definitely be back again soon. Would highly recommend Molly's to everyone!

Tami Cox: Recently visited here for the first time. Fish tacos were excellent, and so was the Seven Layer Dip. $5 margaritas were strong and tasty !!

Brigitte Ebel: Best margaritas in the tri-state area. No kidding! Great food! They also have really very good hamburgers! All of this for a good price! See you there!

Tontae Weatherspoon: Love Molly's Margaritas! I like mine half and half no salt! Lol! All bartenders and waitresses and waiters give excellent service and they are super friendly! Thumbs up to Molly's and their staff down in Overton Square in Memphis!

Judy Saunders: Going there for my Birthday dinner tonight, 03/22. Has been awhile since we have been but this is really the only restaurant to visit. Great food, people and atmosphere... Best margaritas in the world..........

Jennifer Lee: My friend and I drove from Nashville to see a concert in Memphis. We were running a little behind schedule and wanted to grab something to eat that was close to Minglewood Hall. We LOVED Molly's La Casita and that's where we'll be eating next time we're in town!! Service and food were awesome!

Donna Jo: We love Molly's. It is our favorite Mexican restaurant. I was so excited when I saw low calorie margaritas called nectar girl. When we went two weeks ago I asked for it our waitress laughed and said yeah right. In your dreams! I thought maybe I was wrong however tonight am looking at Memphis magazine and there the ad is for Nectar Girl. Kelly knows Steve and I and she was not there that night. I hope she can address this. We will still go to Molly's. It is wonderful!

Diana: Even tho we've moved out of county, Molly's is the ONLY Mexican restuarant we'll eat at! We will plan our day around coming to Molly's for our steak ranchero and adult beverages. Kelly and everyone there are always so very welcoming. It's almost embarrasing when you go to order and they say, "Do you just want the usual?"

Sgt Ron Martin: Thank you for supporting your local Fire & Police Unions during this battle. You are a true community leader. Ron Martin President of the El Paso Texas Municipal Police Officers Association

jim John: just a shout out to say hello to Kelly....long time.....we will be coming up soon and will stop in and say hi....if you can believe it my son is living there ya

JACOB : I have found a seat at your bar for the last several years a true enjoyment for my behind and taste buds. THANK YOU

ChristyS: When my friends come to visit; this is the only place we meet to eat due to the fab food and "Best" margaritas in town! Super service to boot.

Connie Easterling Woodard: Greatest Mexican Food in the entire USA!!! We live in North Little Rock and make the drive often. Service and food alike is special. Wish you would come back to Little Rock!

Chelsea H.: BEST half and half margaritas and seriously the best food I've ever put in my mouth!! Ask for Matt as your server; he's the best!

Sandy: A Co-worker talked me into meeting after work one day, now I'm hooked! Absolutely the best 1/2 and 1/2 margaritas to be found! Love the atmosphere, just a great place to go!

Matt: We love Molly's! I want to WORK there!

Dan & Denise Gallagher: My wife and I use to eat here all the time. But, alas we were called to Jacksonville Florida. We are coming to visit July 3rd and 4th. We just hope that you are open because we miss the food and the crew. Does Amanda still work there? Please let us know if your open and if Amanda is still with you.

Karen Hill: Molly's is hands down my favorite Mexican restaurant...omg Food is always fresh and delicious, service is always personable and prompt. Superlative quality! I hope to come for my birthday this year

Judith Farmer: I use to eat at Molly's years ago with my coworkers and we lost contact with each other, when I moved to another job. Recently my current co-worker started eating there and reminded me of it. I finally ordered food today, and said to myself "Wow!!! look what I've been missing." The food is absolutely superb and takes my breath away. Now I remember how much I missed Molly's. I'm back to stay. :)

Jim Sisti: Just missing Memphis I guess, been 17 years since I was living in Midtown, but had to check the web and see if Mollys was still around- and I see it is !!! Damn, I miss your food and fun atmosphere. Just a question tho- has Mr Bruces Nacho's gone away? I see nacho's on the online menu, but the picture is not the pizza pan of nachos I recall from the 80's and 90's. Still,they can beat anything available here in Ft Lauderdale. I feel a fast 2 day trip back to Memphis boiling up inside me LOL

William Reinhardt: My wife Myrna and I truly enjoy your food. Love the grill chicken quesadillas. Also, enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Great job by your team! Thanks.

Oscar de Lowry Renta: I noticed that Jennifer Biggs did a "tamale tour of Memphis". She left off Molly's Tamales. I pointed out to her that years ago I went to Molly's and stood around waiting to be seated and read the CA's review of Molly's. I noticed a STRONG recommendation for the bean and mushroom homemade tamales. I tried them and can't seem to order anything else when I go to Molly's. To leave Molly's LaCasita out of the tamale article is not good at all. Just compare Molly's tamales to any of the others . . . NO COMPARISON!

Mike Albin: As always Molly's was its great dinning & drinks. Our waiter was Jerrod and he took care of the whole party of 10. The food was excellent and drinks were superb.

Jamie Chapman: Molly's is a family restaurant with a bar area that has been in operation in Memphis for over 35 years. Through lots of hard work by dedicated employees, and with the help of loyal, caring customers, we are able to continue to provide a comfortable, safe, happy place, with quality Mexican food and spirits for your enjoyment. We love the support we have by the Memphis Police Department and the Memphis Fire Department and we continually thank them for the services they provide for our city. We employ and serve people of all races, gender, religions and political views. We do expect certain levels of behavior and dress codes in Molly's and do reserve the right to refuse service if deemed necessary. In the restaurant business, it is customary that most servers work for a low hourly wage and tips from customers. This combination of income, allows a restaurant to keep it's food & drink prices at a very affordable price for customers. Restaurant work is hard but can be very rewarding. There is so much work going on behind those kitchen, dishroom and office walls that people dining in, never even have to think about. We ask that you take all these things into consideration in any restaurant that you go to. There is a lot that is going on at any minute and a lot of people to serve and hopefully please. That's how Molly's operates and stays in business! This website is designed to give the reader the history of Molly's, show our menu along with some pictures, and provide a place for adults & even kids to leave comments on a happy visit had at Molly's! If you have a complaint, or feel the need to chastise our staff, call us or write to us.....we will address it. If you prefer to put it on one of the many social media sites, that's your decision.

April Armstrong: Be fair! Stop taking down the negative reports on your restaurant! Everyone knows Molly's does want African American in their Establishment!

Diana Chipman: Molly's chicken fajitas & salsa/chips are the best!!! My husband & I have been coming to Molly's over 20 years & it's still as delicious as the first time we ate here!! We have traveled all over the U.S. & eaten at many Mexican restaurants but none were as good as Molly's. We crave their food! We highly recommend Molly's!

Susan Gates: My hubby and I moved to E TN and what do I miss the most about MEM? Molly's! I've lived in TX, CA and AZ and nothing compares. Is there any possible way to at least get the ingredients for the beans? I don't expect a proprietary recipe but I'd like to tinker around and see if I can come close. I am mystified as to why so many so-called Mexican restaurants have those awful grey beans. Molly's beans rule! And the mole! Yum! Thank you!

Jacques Duff: Such an amazing and a useful post.You are really great at what you are doing here and I would certainly urge you to keep it up. Worth a

Thomas W. Webb & Jeaneen Webb: Molly's is our favorite restaurant in Memphis we love all of it especially the cheese and onion enchiladas and the refried beans and Spanish rice

Angie Rodgers: This is one of the best place that I have ever been and the food is just amazing. I even saw its praise in a best essay writers in best restaurants of the area as well.


Lakesha B. : OMG THOSE BACON WREAPPED SHRIMP ARE SOOOOOO GOOD!!! One of my co-workers just brought me back some of them to try. Wow they are magically deliciouso!! I cant wait to try them at the place with a nice, cole, boozy 'rita!!

Lexy and Gabe: Haiku: We became so full. Filled up on veggie combo. Molé sauce sublime.

Carla Duncan: Molly bacon wrapped shrimp was the best....i will definitely go back my first time going with friends again...

Angela Ghoreishi: I've been going to Molly's La Casita for about 21 years now. I LOVE the Mole Sauce! The Margarita's are always great, especially the "half and half" margaritas. I've turned so many of my friends on to Molly's and they love it too. It's our favorite spot for happy hour. No matter how crowded it may become, the service is always stellar. The food is excellent! It's an all-around wonderful place!

Colleen: Sizzling fajitas are the bomb and service is even better. I will always recommend this place to anyone


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